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Men’s Ministry

Men's Issues

What needs do men have? What issues do most men share? What needs are strong enough to bring men together in a group within your congregation? Men may share an interest in sports, politics, the environment, crime prevention, automobiles, and dozens of other topics, but this is not necessarily the basis for a faith-based men's group. You are looking for needs and issues that can be met through the ministry of a faith-based men's group. Here are some ideas.

Connection Men have a need for strong relationships with others. There is the need for friendship with other men. Married men desire a better relationship with their spouses. Parents want to improve their relationships with their children. Single men may have a multitude of relationship questions regarding dating. Some men may be working at strengthening relationships with their own parents or perhaps with their in-laws.

Spiritual Growth Men have a need for spiritual nourishment. Men want to have a stronger relationship with God. They may want to learn about prayer, or become better at reading the Bible. Married men want to know how to maintain a strong Christian family. Others may be interested in evangelism and how to introduce Jesus to friends or coworkers. Men can help other men strengthen their faith within a small group setting.

Life Issues Men have a need for advice from other men on how to tackle the tough issues of life. They want to know how to live as Christian men in a world of joblessness, crime, divorce, addictions, illness, accidents, and death of friends, family, or parents. Men want to live with integrity, compassion, honesty, and a positive attitude. They want to know how to confront daily challenges and deal with them.